Common Mistakes Before Buying Social Media Data Analytics Tool

Sort through the endless stream of social media data analytics tools on the market to find the perfect solution to overcome the unique needs and challenges of your brand.


Many companies struggle to keep an eye on their social media activity. social media data analytics software plays a crucial role in tracking social media goals, generating audience reports, creating customer reports, observing conversions, and monitoring traffic.

There are billions of social media users around the world, and these users make up your audience. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for you to connect with and engage customers and prospects, alike. But social media marketing can also backfire if your strategy is not solid.

That’s why analytics is so important for any business that engages in marketing online and on social media. But if you’re currently in the market for new social media data analytics software, you should avoid a few common mistakes that businesses make.

"Social media is a huge opportunity for growing your business,"* says CrazyEgg founder Neil Patel.

From organic reach to paid ads, social media gives you the ability to build traffic, engagement, and sales. The problem is that even when you follow all the steps to create profitable campaigns, how do you really know they’re working?”*

The answer, according to Patel, revolves around data.

”You can’t improve your business if you can’t measure your results. 85% of marketers are already using analytics tools. But almost half still have no idea if their strategy is working.”

Social media data analytics tools can help you get a clear picture of your social media marketing data, but you need a solid strategy before jumping in, or else you’ll have tons of data, but no answers.

In this article, we’ll review some of the more common mistakes to avoid before investing in social media data analytics software. Experts from HipSocial compiled this data to help you choose the best possible app for your brand’s unique needs and challenges.

Mistake #1 – Unclear & Undefined Social Media Goals

If social goals and targets are not defined clearly, it’s impossible to measure results. You’ll struggle to understand the impact and efficacy of your social media strategy and campaigns at the most basic level. It leads to general confusion and frustration among leadership.

Many brands make the mistake of not planning or documenting their goals. Documenting goals and strategies is crucial in all departments, not just marketing. But it’s especially important for teams that must work together. A documented strategy offers transparency and accountability.

More importantly for the topic of selecting a new tool, your goals and objectives will help determine the features and functions most important to you and your team. Each campaign should have unique goals and objectives, but your brand undoubtedly has overarching goals -- a vision for how you want your brand perceived, and for how you want to grow on social media. These goals will impact your decision.

Unclear & Undefined Social Media Goals

Mistake #2 – Inaccurate & Irrelevant Data

”If you’re not succeeding at social media marketing, you’re going to lose in the long run,” says Patel. ”But how do you know if you’re succeeding? Only 6% of B2C marketers feel that the metrics that they’re using are an excellent way to measure their progress towards their goals.”

When evaluating social media data analytics software, one of the most common mistakes of small business owners is to pick irrelevant competitors and enter the wrong data to measure performance. This causes leadership to have a false impression of how they compete with other firms.

However, with the right information, tools show accurate results. And, having accurate results will give you a more accurate and complete picture of how your social media efforts are performing against challenges and the competition.

Apart from entering false information, there is also the related issue of not entering relevant keywords to search for their business as well as including the wrong audience as a target. Both will warp insights into the success of your social media strategy.

Inaccurate & Irrelevant Data

Mistake #3 – Refusing Technical Help

It’s crucial that you have a firm grasp on any software you’re considering investing in. Take advantage of free trials, and run as many mock campaigns as possible to ensure there are no surprises. Most importantly, ensure that the vendor has an experienced, competent, and helpful customer support team should you ever require their assistance.

If you evaluate the tool alone without the support of a customer service team, you might miss out on a few things which you should know before buying the tool. It’s best practice to accept technical help when making an important decision such as this.

You should treat this as a business investment, because it is. It’s not an investment to take lightly.

Mistake #4 – Not Knowing the Analytics

Analytics is a powerful yet complex area within digital marketing. The features of the tool you consider should be versatile enough to handle your brand’s unique needs, but still easy to use. A lot of this depends on the complexity of the interface of each specific app, but it also depends on your knowledge of analytics, and that of your team.

Analytics is an essential area. It allows you to gain invaluable insight into your target customer’s behavior and interests in comparison to your own posts and paid ads.

However, some social media data analytics tools are designed for specific needs and emphasize different key performance indicators (KPIs). Not knowing the depth of analytics does not help in properly evaluating the performance of your regular posts and campaigns. When trying the tool, enter valid data and try to analyze the results shown.

Not Knowing the Analytics


We hope you found this article useful and are now empowered to explore the social media data analytics tools available in the market. We hope you pick the right tool by avoiding common mistakes including not exploring your analytic data, not defining social media goals, entering incorrect data, and not engaging with technical support during a free trial.

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