5 Amazing Characteristics of a High-converting Social Content

Is your marketing team stuck and not able to create effective social content? This post covers all you need to know to create the most effective social content to generate your leads


The Basics of Creating Effective, High-Converting social content

Great content is the best sales tool in the world - Marcus Sheridan

It is time to learn about digital content that will take your brand to the highest level. This applies both for your company and on your social networks. These media should communicate to your readers, potential customers and followers. Social content will put across the purpose of your company, as well as the way in which your products and services will add value to their lives. social media content and social media marketing are one of the most important tools for businesses today. With the heavy reliance of information on social content for virtually everything, creators must give extra input for visibility. This may seem impossible, but there is always a way for the willing. Social content needs to fulfill some checkpoints for which the consumer looks for. These will be discussed in this post. Once the checkpoints are fulfilled, your content is ready for marketing and the delight of your target audience.

Creating social content should be from one direction; your target audience. Since you already have a yearning to be read, you must put yourself in the shoes of your ideal reader. This will help you understand the language and type of content that will be valuable to both you and your reader.Creating social content should be from one direction; your target audience. Since you already have a yearning to be read, you must put yourself in the shoes of your ideal reader. This will help you understand the language and type of content that will be valuable to both you and your reader.

Here's Exactly How to Create High-Converting Social Content

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1. Make Images, Videos, Infographics or Other Visual Resources

Infographics are visual representations of information, combining images, text and data of related nature. Infographics are short, fun and effective in breaking down complex topics. They are also a way of condensing a large volume of words into important points. You have seen them get used in presenting data reports, similarities and contrasts between topics.

Infographics in social content creation are a great way to get engagement from your readers. They break the monotony of reading as they showcase your creativity and originality, since there are infinite ways of presenting them. The vast number of tools available to create infographics allow you to play around with new concepts for your social content.

Moreover, Infographics have been shown to generate more engagement and are preferred in marketing for this reason.For one, they are popular in conveying your company information due to their ease in sharing. Second, the human brain is more responsive to visual content as it captures attention faster, consequently being easily recalled. To prove this, You would likely remember a picture of a foreign meal rather than the names of its ingredients..

It is possible to produce high quality social content without having to resort to images or other resources but if something is clear is that the visual content has a greater impact on the user. It helps to attract natural links, promote visualization in social networks and increase the time spent on the page.

When incorporating multimedia content into your texts, make sure you answer yes to the following questions:

Do your images and videos support and complement your other content? Is your infographic or video original and quality content that others would like to share or identify with them? Does the multimedia adapt to your website technically speaking?

2. Create Easy to Understand Text

Quality social content should be easy to read and above all to understand.

If a user, after reading a couple of paragraphs of your publication, has the feeling that the content presented needs much thought in processing and understanding, they will likely find information elsewhere. Does that mean the content is bad? Yes and no, it will be good for a certain audience and bad for another. Understand your target audience and learn to speak in their language on the social content you put out.

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3. Invest Your Time on Research

Simply put, do you know what you are talking about?

When creating social content, we recommend you make it about something you are genuinely interested and passionate about. Not only does your social content creation become an obligation for you, but also a journey of discovery for you.

Researching on the specific pieces of content you plan on putting out will ensure you give your readers the best information there is on the subject. Satisfying your readers appetite on the subject of your post will give them confidence in your brand. This in turn will keep them in your page, giving exposure to your content and bringing them back in the future. Being a foodie, an establishment with good food always comes to mind when i want to eat out or impress a friend visiting my town.

You probably know about keywords. These are the culprits for your ranking on search engines like Google. You need to make your content optimal for suggestion for people looking for information regarding your subject of content. Find out what your industry leaders are writing about and why it is suggested as the first option. These common phrases will supplement the traffic you receive from first time visitors.

4. Time Your Content Well

Timing is everything. Find our when your social content receives most traffic. This is the optimum time to publish content. This is the secret weapon to getting engagement and being shared.

Timing also counts in determining what to post. Stying trends will reveal what people are consuming at the moment. Trending topics are a simple but powerful influencer for content consumers who do not want to miss out. Do not miss out either.Optimize your content to be parallel with trends by studying the calender of events and being active on social media platforms that you are on.

5. Remember to Share Your Content

Many studies show a strong correlation between the number of social actions and a better search engine ranking.

Although the correlation is not causality, it is logical that the more a content is shared, the more relevance it acquires and the more links it achieves, an important positioning factor.

That is why your aim should be to integrate and disseminate your social content through the different social networks as well as to encourage your readers to do so. Make it easy with some visible sharing buttons.

6. Create Content That Adds

While it is true that it is difficult for a search engines to determine whether a piece of content adds value or not, we must not forget that what is really important; the people who read your content. If your goal is to rank high on search engines, the readers are your ticket there. The cost for this ticket is tied to your skills and the quality of the content you produce.

How can I add value? Once again, answering yes to these questions: Does the content help solve a problem? Does it answer a question? Does it make people laugh or entertain people? Do I provide a unique and original sight gun by an expert?

7. Engage Your Audience With Your Social Content

Besides putting out content, you need to interact with your readers. Active interaction with your readers on social media creates approachability and relatability. Believe it or not, this will keep your existing readers coming back to consume your new creations.

At times, invite suggestions of what your fans would like you to put out. This will challenge your usual social content and help you keep in touch with your ideal reader. Keep in mind that your readers are not static in their preference of social content. Their suggestions will give you a picture of their content appetite, updating your ideal reader.

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Final Word

Social content creation is the new rage on the internet. The various forms available have made the space accommodative hence the competitive environment. While there is space for everyone, every creator by extension, their businesses need to level up on their creation processes for great returns. Successful social content creators adhere by some principles that have been revealed in this post, and so shall you.

The good news is that reading has been there for ages, and will never go out of business. Standing out is not rocket science (even for a rocket science creator), it takes a little effort to implement the basic tips provided on this post. Do not forget to be consistent in their use, and in putting out your content as well.

In the end, search engines look for content that adds value to users, but since these alone are not able to detect it, you have to rely on the rest of the related signals. It can be said that the social content that adds value to the user meets many of the premises that we have mentioned above.

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