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Advanced social media management software for easy scheduling, data analysis, posts' monitoring for better user engagement.

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Boost your Social Media Impact

  • Manage all of your social media platforms from one place.

  • Create and schedule content that engages your audience.

  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data analytics.

  • Build meaningful connections and generate better leads.

social media management

Multiple Networks

Integrate with top social media networks to allow large-scale social tasks, expand brand equity by facilitating cross-promotion on different platforms.

multiple networks


Integrate with Twitter for worldwide exposure, improve social media marketing strategy to attract and retain your audience.



Nurture existing and attract new potential customers by integrating with Facebook, connecting niche people, and promoting the brand.



Integrate Instagram to increase consumer interaction, connect people, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. HipSocial can help you build consumer relationships.



Improve client engagement and revenue by integrating LinkedIn, from an one place plan, monitor, engage, and analyze LinkedIn social media marketing.

rss feed

RSS Feed

Create RSS feeds with a single click, and manage them all in one location, RSS feed integration allows you to simultaneously edit feeds and distribute changes from many feeds.

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Content Scheduler

Streamline the content flow with an intuitive bulk social media posts scheduler across multiple platforms and timezones; manage it all from a single dashboard.

content scheduler
timezone picker

Timezone Picker

Plan your content publishing strategy with Social Media Scheduling and executed it geography-wise from a single dashboard.

bulk scheduling

Bulk Scheduling

Create and schedule unlimited social content in bulk for multi - platforms in advance with our Social Media Scheduling.

media library

Media Library

Save all your media files while creating posts to leverage them for later use and attract users with high-quality engaging social content.

content approval

Content Approval

Send your content for managerial review to ensure the quality of content and brand voice.

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Web Scraper

Suggest the appropriate information to users by helping to fetch the content and graphics to enable easy posting with content scraper.

web scraper
ninjaseo bot

NinjaSEO Bot

Use the NinjaSEO Chrome Extension Bot to scrape massive amounts of data from any website at any scale without writing any code and save time.

scrape images

Scrape Images

Fetch the relevant images from target sites with social media planning tool for Web Scrapper and post on social media accounts.

content scraper

Content Scraper

Fetch the relevant page content from target sites with Web Scrapper and post in social media accounts.



Save a lot of time by selecting text plus images with a single click and enhancing your digital content strategy to achieve your social media objectives.

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Unlimited Projects

Measure the productivity of team members by creating and tracking multiple projects for multiple clients.

unlimited projects
multiple agency projects

Multiple Agency Projects

Increase team productivity by allowing employees to manage and monitor many projects for various clients from a single location.

lead harvesting

Lead Harvesting

Allow the admin to invite or remove team members from a workspace. With HipSocial, you can increase team productivity by assigning particular tasks to each member.

customizable projects

Customizable Projects

Create multi-projects for teams, utilize the built-in icons and colors to distinguish between them to stay organized.

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Media Integration

Inspire your audience with indomitable images, create customizable images with Pixabay, Giphy from the asset library that helps your team plan, publish high-quality, and engaging social media content.

media integration
pixabay images

Pixabay Images

Find, sort, and use stunning photos from Pixabay. Use them whatever you want and connect more with your audience with the best stock images in one spot.

giphy images

Giphy Images

Get the best Social Media GIFs in a flash and use them to boost your brand's value and social media strategy. It aids in the promotion of products, the explanation of complicated ideas, and the reach.

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Approval Workflow

Empower Team Collaboration by allowing your managers to submit, assess, approve, or reject social media posts.

approval workflow
assign admin

Assign Admin

Manage a customized approval system for each social media network enables the user to quickly provide approvals for social media posts.

approve or reject post

Approve or Reject Post

Automate real-time approval or rejection on social media posts helps in saving time for the users.

edit post

Edit Post

Allow managers to edit and approve the content, ensure everything is correct before executing social media posts or campaigns and provide a better return on their spending and investment.

add multiple admins

Add Multiple Admins

Assign multiple managers to an account to create a streamlined social media approval process and ensure social media content is polished and consistent.

Find out more about Approval Workflow

Social Listening

Find key conversations to connect with the right people, listen to your customers and improve your brand image.

social listening
in-app actions

In-app Actions

Interact with your audience by retweeting, liking, sharing, and content that matters within social streams.

auto refresh

Auto Refresh

Be on top of all activities while taking control of the content you see by allowing your streams to auto-refresh after time intervals.

network streams

Network Streams

Set-up streams of all your favorite social media channels to get all information in one place and don't miss any opportunity.

monitor networks

Monitor Networks

Make informed decisions by monitoring what people say about your brand and serving what they need with helpful tools.

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Social Analytics

Extract actionable social media insights from the data and transform the data into action items with HipSocial.

social analytics
powerful analytics

Powerful Analytics

Gather hidden information from social networks and analyze social media analytics to make data-driven decisions.

network-wise reports

Network-wise Reports

Collect and analyze in-depth insights into how your social content is performing and make data-driven decisions.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, get in-depth insights into all your social performance.

date range

Date Range

Choose to specify a date range and receive the data you need from the chosen date range. It allows you to set and organize the results according to certain dates.

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What Is Social Media Management?

What is Social media management talks about monitoring and participating in conversations across social media platforms to increase social reach and visibility.

Best Methods for Social Media Management

Methods of social media management includes highlighting an individual and customized approach and using automated tools to handle multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

What are Social Media Management Tools?

What are social media management tools talks about software solutions that are designed to handle all social media needs to save time and sanity and how it help businesses to maintain consistency.

Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools

Benefits of using social media management tools includes easily managing all your social media needs like planning, posting, scheduling, monitoring and analysing to effectively execute social media marketing strategies.

Who Needs Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools are for everyone who is willing to have a rich social media presence to build brand awareness across social channels and gain potential customers.

How to Solve Common Customer Care Challenges Using Social Media?

Social media is a vital marketing tool for modern businesses, but it can also improve customer service. To reap the benefits of this plan, you must execute it properly; if you don't carefully manage your social media presence, you risk damaging your brand and driving away prospective paying consumers.

What are the Solutions for Dealing with Social Media Challenges?

Social media is a great way to try new things with your marketing. You may keep testing your creatives and message to see what resonates with your target demographic. The analytics/insights portion of social media platforms gives you extensive information about your audience, such as their age, gender, and when they're active, among other things.

Why Do Small and Medium Enterprises Need Social Media Presence?

More and more SMEs are becoming aware of the relevance of social networks in today's world, but many are still unsure whether they bring benefits or not

How to Manage Social Media and Maximize Your Time?

Social Media Management is an ever-changing market, with new platforms emerging all the time, and it is difficult to keep up with all of them.

How do Social Media Management Tools Help To Grow Your Business?

With the help of social media management tools, we can simplify our social media posting and publishing tasks. It helps us to save a lot of time and avoid the common mistakes that we usually make in social media marketing.

How To Start Using A Social Media Platform To Boost Your Business Growth?

Social media platforms are the most popular ways for connecting with your target audience.

How does Facebook Page Manager Works?

This means that we have access to all customer accounts and pages under one roof and can assign access to the corresponding team member for the account they are working on.

What does It Mean To Be A Social Media Marketer?

Social media marketing involves the use of social platforms and channels to promote brands, target audience growth, increase website traffic and increase revenue.

What is Social Media Planning?

You can plan and plan your posts, outline your social media content strategy and make sure you maintain your brand voice across different social networks. When updating your social strategy, make sure you inform your team.

How To Use Social Media Management Software?

Social Media Software allows you to monitor all of your social media pages from a single place, get useful information for refining your tactics.

How to Generate Advanced Social Media Reports?

Social analytics helps to develop a brand voice and get analytics and insights for future strategies. The entire social media process could well be automated.

How To Schedule Social Media Posts?

Post scheduling not only streamlines and automates the scheduling process, but it also allows for greater flexibility and consistency.

How To Build Brand Awareness Online?

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers recognize your brand in association with its products, services, and unique features.

What Is Social Media Management Software?

What Is Social Media Management Software? An application that enables a business to successfully sell its products/services across many communication channels.

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