Best Social Media Management Software

Advanced social media management software for easy scheduling, analyzing, and monitoring for better customer engagement.

Boost your social media impact

  • Manage all of your social media platforms from one place.

  • Create and schedule content that engages your audience.

  • Make informed decisions based on real-time data analytics.

  • Build meaningful connections and generate better leads.

best social media management software


Schedule social content in bulk across social platforms to increase engagement and manage your social media marketing activities confidently.

timezone selection

Timezone Selection

Publish your social content when your customers want to hear from you with manual time zone selection.

unlimited scheduling

Unlimited Scheduling

Leave all your worries behind by facing no restrictions on scheduling your social content in advance.

media library

Media Library

Save all your media files while creating posts to leverage them for later use and attract users with media-rich social content.

content review

Content Review

Send your content for managerial review to ensure quality and brand voice.

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Social Listening

Find key conversations to connect with the right people, listen & understand what your customers feel about your brand to improve your brand's image.

social listening
in-app actions

In-app Actions

Interact with your audience by retweeting, liking, sharing, and content that matters within social streams.

auto refresh

Auto Refresh

Be on top of all activities while taking control of the content you see by allowing your streams to auto-refresh after time intervals.

network streams

Network Streams

Set-up streams of all your favorite social media channels to get all information in one place and don't miss any opportunity.

monitor networks

Monitor Networks

Make informed decisions by finding what people say about your brand and serving what they need with helpful tools.

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Enhance your social media marketing by upgrading your social engagement with HipSocial’s advanced engagement tools.

smart finder

Smart Finder

With Smart Finder, find people that matter to your business with relevant hashtags and search queries.

twitter lists

Twitter Lists

Create Twitter lists in minutes by finding relevant leads and run campaigns around them to increase conversions.

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Advanced Analytics

Extract actionable social media insights from the data and transform the data into actionable intelligence with Hipsocial.

advanced analytics
powerful analytics

Powerful Analytics

Gather and analyze social media analytics to make data driven decisions.

network-wise reports

Network-wise Reports

Collect and analyze in-depth insights into how your social content is performing and make data-driven decisions.

url tracking

URL Tracking

Keep track of clicks and the visitors' information with HipSocial's in-built URL tracking.

social analytics

Social Analytics

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or any other social channel, get in-depth insights into all your social performance.

url stats

URL Stats

Track URL clicks and analyze your page visitor count in just a few clicks.

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Approval Rules

Approval rules and workflows enable the user to approve, reject, review or provide feedback on social media posts to save time.

approval rules
customize approval system

Customize Approval System

A customized approval system for each social media network enables the user to quickly provide approvals for social media posts.

approve or reject a post

Approve or Reject a Post

Real time approval or rejection on the social media posts helps in saving time for the users.

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Image Editor

With the Image Editor tool, the user can edit the images or crop as per the requirement.

image editor
image filters

Image Filters

With Image filters, users can enhance the visual appearance of social media posts without using any software.

image collections

Image Collections

Pick up the relevant image from our collection to use for social media posts.

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Web Scrapper

Web Scrapper enables the user to fetch the content, images from target sites using Ninja SEO Chrome Extension and use for social media posts.

web scrapper
get the images

Get the Images

Fetch the relevant content from target sites with Web Scrapper and post on social media accounts.

get the page content

Get the Page Content

Fetch the relevant images from target sites with Web Scrapper and post in social media accounts.

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Content Library

Content Library streamlines the content by organizing the content, images and publishing hassle-free social media posts.

content library
managing content library

Managing Content Library

Upload images and social media post templates directly to the content library to publish the posts hassle-free.

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Task Management

Task Management enables you to convert the messages/replies for social media posts by visitors into tasks and address them in real time.

task management
assign tasks from streams

Assign Tasks from Streams

Create streams and assign tasks to respond to visitor queries in real time.

assign tasks from inbox

Assign Tasks from Inbox

Inbox feature provides you with the messages option and tasks can be assigned to respond in real time.

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Use one dashboard to execute all your Twitter actions. Use advanced Twitter search offered by Hipsocial to find customers, fans, organizations and much more.

schedule tweets

Schedule Tweets

Automate tweets, take a seat down and loosen up at the same time as Hipsocal looks after posting to your Twitter account. Tweet well proper on the time while your target market is most active.

engage from anywhere

Engage from Anywhere

Give greater power to your teams through delegating brand accounts for powerful and brand account management. Find and interact with the target audiences and even competitors of your business.

twitter advanced search

Twitter Advanced Search

Run advanced Twitter search, use keywords, names and languages to boost filtering and search the right person or the most suitable content for your brand.

advance tracking

Advance Tracking

Review and manipulate all of your Twitter actions from one dashboard while not having to toggle among tabs.

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Schedule loads of Facebook posts in advance. Coordinate international campaigns in distinct time zones. Pick posts according to your social media calendar and schedule them accordingly.

visual engagement

Visual Engagement

Use videos and stock snapshots to create an impactful impression of your brand on the minds of your audience. With integrations like Pixabay and Freepik have access to limitless high-quality stock images.

create events

Create Events

Create and control Facebook events. Share with the applicable audiences using hipsocial. Track event key factors and optimize events to benefit visibility to more people.

automate post scheduling

Automate Post Scheduling

Schedule posts for months in advance. Automate your posts in sync with your audience to get the most engagements.

automate responses

Automate Responses

Manage client queries and grievances with one universal social media response management tool. Online response management gets better with automated responses

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Curate innovative Instagram feeds, send messeges and schedule powerful posts. Track audience insights and make real-time changes all from one dasboard.

post scheduling

Post Scheduling

Automate Instagram posting. Post real-time or schedule loads of posts in step with your social media calendar. Your content will routinely be organised and published on your behalf.

boost brand presence

Boost Brand Presence

Create impactful Instagram stories and carousels using pre-defined approval rules, approve photographs/videos, collaborate with teams to make quality, marketing assets.

monitor performance

Monitor Performance

Use Instagram analytics by Hipsocial to track key parameters. Understand your audience and curate relevant content. Gain an upper hand over your competitors with automated social media management.

add stock images

Add Stock Images

Use high quality creative lisenced images offered by Freepik integration. Never run out of creative images to amaze your audience.

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Stay in the game with timely scheduled posts and an effctive online response system. Keep your LinkedIn account active by regular content posting and engagements.

schedule content

Schedule Content

Schedule informational content in bulk across your LinkedIn business pages to increase engagement and manage your social media marketing seamlessly.

engage with prospects

Engage with Prospects

Hipsocial offers advanced scheduling tool to keep your followership up-to- date with your brand updates. Never miss an occasion to associate with your prospects and make use of smart analytics.

import stock photos

Import Stock Photos

Do not depend on others for creating high quality images and vector diagrams for your social media. Import high quality marketing collaterals from a wide range of creative assets using Pixabay integration.

create an impact

Create an Impact

Track new follower growth, as well as imprints and engagement rankings of specific posts, with easy-to-understand rational reports — all in one place.

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RSS Feed

Generate RSS feeds with multiple URLs at the same time. Organize, track and manage multiple RSS feeds at one place.

rss feed
rss feed reader

RSS Feed Reader

Hipsocial offers easy to use and simple RSS feed reader, all you have to do is add the URL to Hipsocial stream section and generate preview.

generate multiple feeds

Generate Multiple Feeds

Read and preview multiple RSS feeds with just URLs. Just add the URL to streams section and preview generate RSS feeds.

share updates

Share Updates

Share relevant updates directly from feeds to your social media channels.

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Monitor your scheduled posts, reader insights. Take decisions based on facts and gain popularity among your RSS readers.

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