15 Best Social Media Management Tools You Should Buy in 2021

Social media management tools can be very useful for agencies. Here we take a look at some of the best, and why you should consider them.

 15 Best Social Media Management Tools You Should Buy in 2021

The best social media management tools like hipsocial.com are something that anybody involved in social media marketing should consider.

They streamline so much of the work involved, helping to take away a lot of the headaches involved. With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to choose between a platform like hipsocial.com or something else. Here, we have provided you with a selection of some of the best to help you narrow down your options, helping you find the right platform for you.


Hootsuite is one of the leading names in the business and, as you might expect, their platform is packed full of useful features. It is a web based tool that allows you to display and manage all of your social media accounts on a single dashboard. It works across devices and its web-based nature means that no download is needed.

Mobile apps are also available, and users also get access to features like the ability to upload YouTube videos to multiple social media accounts at once. Potential downsides include the occasional compatibility issue and a limited number of accounts that can be managed with a free account. However, the positives outweigh the negatives as the platform’s popularity clearly shows.


Hubspot is one of the largest and most recognizable names in the digital marketing arena. Their platform provides tools like content publishing and sharing, post monitoring, reporting, and analytics. There are also tools that help you to monitor sentiment and it also has a Customer Relationships Management (CRM) platform. It also offers a selection of automation tools that can be very useful.

Potential downsides include the fact that Hubspot is made for marketing in general and not social media specifically, although it is still ideal for many. There is a free option available for smaller companies but larger businesses will likely need a paid account which can be quite expensive.



Sendible is one of the favorite options for a lot of digital marketing agencies and has been designed specifically with digital marketing in mind. This means that digital agencies can expect to find plenty of tools that will make it a lot easier for them to run their campaigns. These tools include an in-built content library and access to Canva, a design tool. The platform can also be integrated with a range of other useful platforms including Slack, Medium, and WordPress. Perhaps the most powerful features are the visually stunning and impressively detailed reports that make the platform ideal for people overlooking campaigns.

There is a free 14 day trial available, but there is no free plan and the plans start at $29/month.



SEMRush is another well-known name in the industry and their platforms are known for being rich in analytical tools. SEMRush is best known for its SEO tools but it still offers enough social media management tools to be useful to a lot of agencies. These tools include the ability to create, schedule, and monitor content over various social media channels.

Perhaps the most obvious downside is that it’s more suited to SEO agencies, but this depends on what you need from the platform. In addition, it can be quite technical and not user friendly to people getting started out, but this is exactly what a lot of other people will be looking for in a platform. There is also no free account option with plans starting at just under $100/month, making it unsuitable for many freelancers and small businesses.


MeetEdgar is a tool that’s best suited to freelancers and small businesses. The site offers a selection of tools that that a lot of causal users could need. Perhaps one of the platform’s most appealing abilities is that it helps to reuse existing content, which will be music to the ears of a lot of people who are operating on a tight budget. Although it is geared mainly towards smaller operations that are also plans available for larger businesses.

Cons include the inability to track posts and interactions from the dashboard, and some platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are not supported. There is no free account available, but pricing plans start at a very affordable $19/month.


Tailwind is an ideal option for those who need to manage Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Although it is limited in terms of how many social media platforms can be used, it might be the best choice for people who concentrate mainly on Instagram and Pinterest. Some people might choose to use it to supplement other platforms. Another positive for this platform is that it is very easy to use, making it a popular choice for people who are not marketing experts.

Tailwind allows you to easily manage multiple accounts, has automated publishing tools, content management tools, customer engagement tools, and can be integrated to with other tools and apps. A free trial is available and packages start at $9.99/month for Pinterest or Instagram management.


Sprinklr is a web-based tool that also has a mobile app. It offers the best social media management tools that are designed to help make social media marketing and digital marketing easier. It includes tools like post schedule, customer engagement tools, collaboration tools, social media monitoring tools, and reporting tools. The platform can also be integrated with other tools and apps.

One thing that makes Sprinklr a popular platform is its ease of use, while its reporting tools are also highly thought of. Negatives include a lack of automated publishing tools, and a lack of multi-account management. A free demo is available and you will need to contact Sprinklr directly to get a custom quote.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social also has a mobile app and offers a range of the best social media management tools. The tools make it easier to analyze social media campaigns and individual posts. It also helps make it easier to plan and schedule posts, as well monitoring and analyzing their performance. The platform also offers some powerful reporting tools and the platform is also easy to use.

A 15 day free trial is available and there are four available paid plans. The least expensive, the standard plan, is only $10/month and the most expensive it $300/month. One drawback of Zoho is that the cheapest 2 plans, although very affordable, are limited. This means some people are forced to pay for the more expensive packages or consider using a different package altogether.

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people” - Pierre Omidyar



BuzzSumo is a great option if you want a tool with lots of analytical features. Whether or not BuzzSumo is for you depends on what you are hoping for and if you are looking for tools that help with social media planning and publishing, etc, it is probably not for you. If you are looking for the best social media management tools that give you lots of data on content, keywords, topics and other useful marketing metrics then it could be just what you need.

Perhaps the most obvious downside for social media management teams is that it will be lacking a lot of the tools needed for planning and management. Another potential downside is the cost which starts at $99/month. However, the platform is really designed with larger businesses in mind anyway.


Hipsocial.com is another platform that provides valuable tools as well as social media listening tools. It can be integrated with a range of social media channels including LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. It also helps with the curation and scheduling of content on social media and provides valuable insights into the performance of your social media campaigns. It is also able to help provide ideas that will enhance the performance of your campaigns further.

A free 30 day trial is available for this platform.


SocialBakers is a solution that offers analytics as well as the best social media management tools. Some of its features include tools that help with discovering and tracking influencers in your industry, as a well as a database of known influencers. It also provides content manipulation and post schedule tools and analytical predictions for paid campaigns. It also has content search tools and its own built-in search engine.

A potential downside is that the interface can be quite technical, but this is down to the host of features, making it a positive for a lot of other people. The starting price of $200/month makes it quite clear that this platform has been created with medium/large sized companies in mind.



This is a platform that offers a range of social media management features, including useful reporting tools that are arguably the best feature of the platform. It offers tools that provide analytics and easy integration with a variety of social media platforms. It also has its own CRM database that helps you to manage your list of followers more easily. Users are also able to optimize their posts according to which social media platform they will be uploaded to.

Downsides include a lack of support for some social media platforms – and the price. A one month trial is available and the pricing starts at $79/month, while you while also need to pay extra for every competitor you want analyzed. The platform has been designed with larger companies in mind.


Buffer is a great option for people who are on a limited budget and are looking for something simple. Although a lot of people might find the number of tools limited, the platform is still ideal for people who are looking for nothing more than a cross-platform publishing tool. Its features include being able to create a virtual queue if content with useful scheduling tools, and a built-in image editor.

Downsides include having no dashboard to help manage and monitor engagements and there is also no support for Instagram. Although it is made with medium to larger companies in mind, it is still very affordable with the publishing plan starting at $15/month, and the analyze plan starting at $35/month.



Oktopost is a platform that caters to B2B marketing specifically. It offers a variety of tools that help you to manage your campaigns and monitor how well they are performing. The platform can cover multiple accounts and platforms and can also identify which channels are delivering the best results. The platform is also compatible with other platforms including Act-on, Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce.

While ideal for B2B marketers, the platform may not appeal to those looking for a broader range of marketing tools. The platform is also aimed more towards enterprise businesses, and there is also no trial. Regardless, Oktopost is a very powerful and useful tool for those who are looking for a platform with a focus on B2B marketing.


Planable is a useful platform that makes it a lot easier to manage making new posts to social media platforms. It features the best social media management tools that allow for posts to be pre-approved before scheduling to help ensure quality is maintained while sticking to deadlines. It also allows people to leave constructive feedback on posts in a manner that helps to enhance collaboration between teams. The platform’s dashboard helps to manage multiple social media channels and the platform can also handle multiple brands.

Although Planable is an excellent tool for scheduling posts to social media platforms, it doesn’t have any tracking or analytical tools. Customer support is also limited for customers depending on which plan they are paying for. A free plan is available, and paid plans start at $39/month


RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that can manage all of your social media accounts from a unified dashboard. It helps to uplift your social media presence by supporting content gathering, multiple accounts, and custom scheduling. RecurPost is a scheduler that helps multinational brands, suppliers, freelancers, bloggers, artists, and small business owners to find and manage social media content in one place.

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Which platform is best for you will depend on what you need from it and your budget. With the range of options available you should be able to find something that is just right for you. You can also try looking for platforms that offer a free trial so you can tell if it is right for you before paying anything.

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